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The Balancing collection by Alpha-H concentrates on achieving balance for your skin by returning it to its ideal pH levels, so your skin will be as happy and healthy as possible.

The pH of your skin is absolutely crucial to its health, and its effect on your skin’s barrier begins with the acid mantle. This outer layer of the skin, which is also sometimes known as the moisture barrier, protects the skin from fungi and bacteria by being slightly acidic. If the pH levels of the acid mantle are out of kilter, the skin’s protection is compromised.


Some indicators your skin’s pH may be out of balance include dryness, flakiness, acne, inflammation, redness and abnormal sensitivity. Using products which are not pH balanced could add to these issues.

The products in our Balancing range keep your skin thriving by helping it to maintain its ideal pH of between 4.0 and 6.5.


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