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Breakouts, pimples and skin congestion don’t discriminate between ages or genders; they’re something which everyone will experience at some point or another throughout their life. For some of us, these issues pass as quickly as they arise. For others, however, they are everyday battles which can lead to a range of both physical and psychological effects.

The Clear Skin collection offers exceptional results for many types of  breakouts for people of all ages and walks of life. Results so good, in fact, that Niall Horan declared it “the only one that works”.

The range features similar ingredients running throughout; Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Wild Oregano and Green Tea all provide antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions on breakouts, which helps to reduce the severity lesions and reduce the P.acnes bacteria which can cause breakouts. Further to this, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus are also effective miticidal and antiviral agents which can help to limit the mites which feed on dead skin cells and cause inflammation.


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