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The Essentials collection by Alpha-H delivers skincare essentials for those who wish to simplify their routine and return to basics without compromising on the performance of their skin care. This soothing and calming non-glycolic collection helps to protect the skin’s delicate pH balance, enhance its natural defences and provides uplifting nourishment and moisture for all skin types. This collection is well suited to dry or sensitive skins.

Did you know 85% of the visible signs of ageing can be directly attributed to causes that are preventable? Extrinsic ageing accumulates from long-term daily exposure to UV radiation and pollution, from lifestyle factors including stress, and from the increasingly poor nutrient quality of our food.

To protect our skin more efficiently from these age accelerators, Alpha-H’s Essential collection utilises the latest innovations in dermal science and research to help protect the skin from prematurely registering this damage.

Cellular activity only occurs in the presence of water; it is essential for cellular life. As such, a well-moisturised skin enhances all cellular exchanges and signals, which are crucial for the normal cell function of a healthy skin. If the skin is irritated or damaged, repair can only happen by stopping moisture loss and stabilising the lipid barrier.

By stabilising your skin’s lipid barrier, the Essentials collection creates a cushioning thermal gap from climate changes, preserves the quality of the skin’s matrix and inhibits the oxidative damage associated with pollution, UV and blue light.





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