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The cornerstone ingredient of Liquid Gold and most other products within the Liquid Gold range is Glycolic Acid; an Alpha Hydroxy Acid which can be found naturally in plants such as sugar beets and sugar cane. Alpha-H has long promoted the virtues of Glycolic Acid, well before it became popular.

The secret to the efficacy of Alpha-H’s delivery of Glycolic Acid in our Liquid Gold formulation lies in the low pH delivery we employ; a higher pH results in a weaker peel as the acid has been partially neutralised, where a lower pH delivery results in deeper peeling, and a greater effect on live skin cells. With a pH of around 2.8, some 90% of the Glycolic Acid in Liquid Gold is bioavailable to be utilised by our skin. At pH 4, this bioavailability drops to 40%, and at pH 5, just 0.6%.

As our Liquid Gold formulation delivers the Glycolic Acid in a low pH formula, it is very active; this is the reason you will experience a tingly sensation when you apply Liquid Gold, and is also why you will then see visible and measurable results in the skin.

Liquid Gold products also include a range of other highly effective and clinically proven ingredients paired with AHAs. Whilst these vary from product to product in order to provide targeted results, these include but are not limited to Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Lactic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Diamond Powder, Vitamin E, Licorice Extract, Silk Proteins, 24 Carat Gold Flakes, Cucumber, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Rose, Aloe Vera, Chia Seed, Argan Stem Cells, and Tazman Pepper. As Glycolic Acid is not suitable for the delicate eye area, our Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream instead utilises next generation Lime Pearl AHAs extracted from Caviar Lime to enable gentle and safe exfoliation.





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